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Chocolate Museums


Imhoff Stollwerck Schokoladenmuseum,Cologne,Germany – the biggest in the world of its art, founded in 1993 by the owner of Stollwerck company, after selling the company in 2002, in private ownership of Imhoff family ,who formed a foundation


Le Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat, 13 Grand – Place, Bruxelles,Belgium – a small museum in the centre of Brussels, the owner is Mrs. Jo Draps, descendant from the Draps family who created the Godiva company. Second museum should be created in Havana,Cuba in 2003.

  Choco-Story The Chocolate Museum Sint-Jansplein, B-8000 Brugge, Belgium, a nice new museum opened in March 2004 by Van Belle family and donated by Belcolade company.

Museo del Chocolate Astorga/León/ Spain – one of the oldest specialized chocolate museums, formerly was Astorga the centre of Spanish chocolate industry. Astorga-León


Museu de la Xocolata Barcelona, Spain – smaller museum in Catalan capital, where is a long tradition of chocolate production.

  Musee de la Patisserie, Chateau de Harze, Route de Bastogne, 4920 Harze, Belgium
  Virtual Museum in Amsterdam, Holland
  Bakkerijmuseum Hattem, Holland – bakery museum which also cares of Droste archive.
  Museeart du chocolat, 13 place Paul Saissac, 81310 Lisle sur Tarn France
  Le musee virtuel du chocolat – virtual Museum in France
  Csokolade Museum Bekecs u.22, Budapest, Hungary
  Chocolate Museum 551-18,Ilgwari,Daejeong-eup,Namjeju-gun,Jeju-do,Korea – the first chocolate museum in Korea since 2002
  Alimentarium, Food Museum , Quai Perdonnet, CH-1800 Vevey, Switzerland
Nestle collection
  Chocolate Museum in Habana, Cuba, opened in 2004 in the historical centre in cooperation with the Barry Callebaut company from Belgium.

Chocolate museums created by producers


Jacques Chocolaterie, Industriestrasse 16, B-4700 Eupen, Belgium


Museum Temlple du Chocolat Cote d´Or, Brusselsesteenweg 450, 1500 Halle, Belgium Tel. 322 362 3747 ,Fax 322 362 3164 - for children only


Chocolat Alprose Schokoland, Caslano,Lugano, Switzerland


Rausch SchokoLand Peine, Germany

  Halloren Museum Halle, Germany
  Ritter Sport,Waldenbuch, Germany since 2001 Besucherzentrum SchokoLaden
  Bonbonmueum Jung, 71665 Vaihingen-Enz, Industriestrasse 9-11, Germany
  Le Musée du chocolat, Biarritz , France. Museum created by company Henry Chocolatier Serge Couzigou . 14 Avenue Bourivage, 642 00 Biarritz , Tel. 0033 559 415464
  Haribo Bonbonmuseum Uzes , France

Confiserie Walter Heindl, Wien, Austria the first chocolate museum in Vienna since 2002

  Demel Marzipan Museum, Kohlmarkt 14, Wien 1, Austria - a small marzipan story and company history in well-known confectionery

Chocolates Valor S.A., Pianista Gonzalo Soriano, 13 ,03570 Villajoyosa,Spain – factory and museum in Spanish chocolate city on Costa Blanca


Chocolates Clavileòo Hermanos Lopez Lloret, S.A. C Colon, 187, 03570 Villajoyosa, Spain

  Museo de Turrones, Juan Antonio Sirvent Selfa, S.A. C Alcoy,62 - Apdo 17, 03100 Jijona, Spain Tel. 965 610 225.Fax 963 612 103 - the only museum of Spanish specialty - turron
  Museo del Chocolate, Chocolate Artesano Comes, Calle Sant Josep,29 46410 Sueca-Valencia, Spain Tel. Fax 96170 19 42
  Perugina Museo storico, 06132 San Sisto, Perugia, Italy Tel. 075 527 6796
  Caffarel s.p.a. Luserna S.Giovanni/TO/ Italy
  Antica Norba Dol.C.I.P.P. Norma, Italy
  Chocolatrium Initiation au Chocolat Michel Cluizel, Avenue de Conches, 27240 Damville, France

Wilbur Chocolate Candy Americana Museum, Lititz,PA USA


Hershey Chocolate Corp.Hershey World, Hershey,Penna. USA – the whole chocolate city with chocolate amusing park including chocolate museum


Cadbury World, Bournville,Birmingham, England – since 1990 chocolate amusing park with Cadbury Museum.

  Confectionery Museum Kalev, Tallinn, Estonia, since 2002,
  Nidar Schokoladenfabrik Trondheim, Norway
  Krasnyj Oktjabr Chocolate Factory Moskau, Russia
  Chocolates Prawer Avenida das Hortensias,4100 CEP: 95670 - 000 Gramado RS Brazil
  Érico Choco-Museum Faubourg Saint-Jean Baptisti Quebec Canada – a small museum with production and shop managed by Eric Normand
  The Chocolate Museum Ganong, 73 Milltown Blvd., St. Stephen, NB E3L 1G5 Canada, seit 1999, St. Stephen is supposed to be the Canadian chocolate town
  Ishia Seika Chocolate Factory Co.,Ltd. 11-36, 2-chome,Miyanosawa 2-jo, Nishi-ku, Sapporo 063-0052 Japan in amusement park you also find a small chocolate museum with interesting collection of chocolate cups among others.
  Wolfgang Candy Inc. 50 East 4th Avenue, York, PA 17405 USA
  South Bend Chocolate Company 3300 West Sample Street South Bend, IN 46619 USA. Museum opened in 2003.
  Musée du chocolat Confiserie Bromont 679 Shefford Bromont, Quebec J2L 1C2 Canada
  Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier ZA du Moulin Rouge 24120 Terrasson-La-Villedieu France
  Des Lis Chocolat Musée du chocolat Zi du Rocher Vert – 6,rue Louis Blériot 77140 Nemours France
  Wawi Schokoladenwelt Germany

Chocolate Festivals


Eurochocolate – already since 1995 started arch. Eugenio Guarducci to organize these festivals in Italian town of Perugia. Later on also in other Italian cities – Torino, Rimini, Roma, Pisa and also in selected European cities. The festival in Perugia is held every year mid October and takes 9 days.


Milka – Schokoladenfest Bludenz,Austria. This weekend festival is held since 1984 in the beginning of July and is designated especially for children. It is a celebration of Milka chocolate, which is on the market already since 1901.


Salon du chocolat Paris France – this chocolate festival is held always in the beginning of November, very commercial, you can buy superb chocolate products from the whole world.


Salon de chocolate Barcelona – for the first time in 2005 from the 3rd to 6th of November.

  Salon del Chocolate Madrid
  West Coast Chocolate Festival – since 2002 in the middle of October in the town of Coquitlam near Vancouver on the west coast of Canada.
  Fete du Chocolat/The Chocolate Fest Bromont, Quebec, Canada
  Choco-Laté Chocolate Festival Brugges, Belgium
  Cioccolató Torino
  Choco Vienna
  ChocolArt Tübingen

Chocolate Fairs


ISM – International Sweet Fair, Cologne, Germany – the biggest chocolate and confectionery fair held already since 1971,over 1500 exhibitors begins last weekend of January. For branch specialists only

 Chocolate Associations


Caobisco Brussels, Belgium – European Associations of Chocolate,Cocoa and Confectionery Producers.


ICCO International Cocoa Organisation London


Chocosuisse Bern, Switzerland - Swiss chocolate association of chocolate producers in Switzerland already since 1901. Nowadays has 14 members.


BDSI Bonn, Germany – German Chocolate and Confectionery Association since 1877.


Choprabisco and Fenaco Brussels, Belgian Chocolate and Confectionery Associations