Treasures of Collection

  • About 1000 pieces of wrappers from bars from the period before 1960
  • Wrappers from bars from no more existing countries like Danzig, Memel/Klaipeda, Silesia - former Germany, pre-war Latvia etc.
  • Oldest wrappers come from the period around 1900 - one Marsner wrapper from Austria-Hungarian Monarchy,


    • the Cardon company Chocolat Millanais

    • Cardon

    • the Spanish company Simon Coll, collection from Nestle, Peter, Cailler and Suchard companies from Switzerland, wrapper from Mexican company Triunfo from 1924 and the Spanish Hueso from around 1930.

      Simon Coll
      Simon Coll

  • 2 original albums of the Orion Company, Prague with the whole range of wrappers from the period around 1930.
  • More than 350 cocoa and confectionery tins from the period 1900-1960.

The most interesting and valuable items:

  • a confectionery tin from Tsar Russia

  • a tin from famous Vienna confectionery Demel from Austria-Hungarian monarchy

Demel Wien
Demel Wien

    • a set of tins from ginger bread etc.

 Other interesting things:

  • Original packet of cocoa powder from Bensdorp company from 1940
  • Original box of chocolates from Kluge company Prague around 1930
  • Original bars from Hershey and Rockwood companies, USA from ration packets from the second world war
  • Original paper ads from the beginning of the 20th century from the following companies - Van Houten, Bensdorp, Suchard, Jordan and Timmaneus, Josef Miksovsky, Velim
  • 14 pieces of metal, wooden and paper promotion tables
  • A set of 50 metal forms
  • A cup for chocolate, production Royal Copenhagen from around 1920, a promotion cup GEC Cacao around 1930.

Show cup
Show cup

  • Vienna Manufactory cca. 1900

Show cup
Show cup

  • Cca. 100 pieces of prewar chocolate paper boxes
  • Cca. 50 pieces of prewar wooden chocolate boxes

Special egg box for sweets
Special egg box for sweets

  • Prewar promotion albums with pictures, letterheads, promotion bills etc.
  • Stamps with cocoa and chocolate motives
  • A set of books about chocolate
  • A set of catalogues